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Hello! Welcome to my blog. A place of wonder and excitement! Maybe. Like I said in the about page, this blog is going to be about whatever I want to talk about. So join me as I explain to you how the world works, what people are doing, and my romantic life my emotional response to all of this. This blog is going to take a couple days to get into a rhythm design wise because I’m new to this, but I have confidence in myself.



Why “Gun-Free Zones” Don’t Work, And Why Gun-Control Is Not The Answer.

Imagine you’re at your house and you’re getting ready for bed. (And pretend you’re single with no kids). You come out of the bathroom when you hear something bump downstairs. You go down to see what it is. Do you bring anything with you? Well, you don’t have a gun so you grab your heavy flashlight. You walk down the stairs to find that someone is in your house. What do you do?

a) Do you tell them to get out? They hear you and pull their gun out. If you’re lucky, they wore gloves and a mask and are fine with telling you to stay quiet as they leave. If not, they shoot you because they left behind evidence (fingerprints or you saw them) and need to get rid of you. Or they panic and shoot. ~1-in-3 chance you live.

b) Ask what they’re doing? They hear you and pull their gun out. If you’re lucky, they wore gloves and a mask and are fine with telling you to stay quiet as they leave. If not, they shoot you because they left behind evidence (fingerprints or you saw them) and need to get rid of you. Or they panic and shoot. ~1-in-3 chance you live.

c) Charge them? They hear you, turn around and pull their gun out, panic and shoot. ~1-in-10 chance you live.

d) Throw your flashlight at them? You hit them in the head, Congrats! You restrain them and call the police so they can arrest the person. OR, you miss and they turn around, panic, and shoot. (Survival rate varies on dexterity skill.)

Let’s rewind. As you go downstairs, you grab your gun. You see the person, you shoot their leg. Congratulations, you’re not going to die tonight. ~100% chance you live.

I always love happy endings. Don’t you? So why do you advocate for people to go to school without guns? Why are you okay with the fact that kids, your kids, your friend’s kids, aren’t protected if someone comes into the school with a gun and tries to shoot them. “But it’s a gun-free zone they don’t need to protect themselves because there isn’t anything to shoot them with.” Tell that to the kids in Florida, or at Columbine. Murder is illegal, so why does the shooter care whether they’re using a gun or not? Hell, I can sharpen my pencil and then ram it into someone’s eye and stab into their brain. Being in a gun-free zone didn’t save that kid’s life. I don’t even need a pencil. we could both be completely naked and bare-handed and I could still murder the person.

Lots of people are seeing the fact that gun-free zones don’t keep people from shooting up schools or libraries or churches or banks etc. So most people think the answer is gun control. The idea that by having background checks set-up when someone buys a gun, that we can keep guns out of the hands of people that want to use them for evil instead of good (I’ll expand that point in a minute). But once again, guns are not a prerequisite for murder. Cain committed the first murder with a rock, not a gun. Gun control might help, but only if we do it right. And it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get it right.

Now, I admit, teenagers having guns and knives on campus isn’t a good idea. Our brains aren’t developed to handle situations properly when we’re going through puberty. It’s too easy for things to escalate from flinging words to flinging bullets. But teachers and principles and designated guards should be armed. The shooting recently at a school in Florida took the life of a gym coach who charged the shooter to protect the kids in the room. If he had a gun, fewer people would have died.

Here’s the key, guns are tools. Rocks are tools. Both can be used to kill. But guns and rocks can be used to hunt, to protect, to murder. A tool is only as good as what someone does with it. A paintbrush can’t draw a masterpiece by itself. Guns can be used for good. Guns can be used to protect. I’m actually going to look up what the regulations are on owning a gun in my state. Because as soon as I can own a gun and am able to protect myself and my loved ones, I want to be able to do so.

Holiday Moods Swings, Thanksgiving Edition.

Okay, I started writing this post on Wednesday but you’ll be reading this on Saturday (hopefully). So to those who don’t live in the U.S. Thursday the 23rd is Thanksgiving, a holiday created at first to celebrate the bountiful harvest the colonists had after the suffering of their first winter after they landed at, um, (drat, where was it?) after they landed in America, has now become a holiday celebrating family, friendship, food, good health, and things we’re grateful for. And things we want, but that’s kind of a separate holiday (*cough* Black Friday *cough*). Also American Football, which at first seems weird but makes sense because the Pilgrims and Native Americans held contests during the feast. So there’s the background information for you. Now what I want to talk about is how I’ve felt during this week and month about Thanksgiving, first off, I was not ready for Thanksgiving. The week before Halloween someone mentioned Thanksgiving coming soon and I realized that, once again, the physical season wasn’t changing quickly enough here in Oklahoma. I woke up this Wednesday morning to freezing temperatures, but for the past few days, the U.K. and northern Europe have had snow in parts of it. The other thing I noticed was that this is the first time in my memory that we’ve had Thanksgiving in my home city and in my home state. (Usually, we go visit family in Kansas or Missouri.) So I’m feeling a little bit weird because I’m about to chow down on turkey with a different group of people and in a different house.

Ok, so it’s Thursday now, so far this morning nothing really feels different. All of the preparations are almost done and while fixing the last bit of food I just feel like I’m helping set-up for a party which isn’t what my idea of Thanksgiving is. It’s a family gathering which doesn’t seem like the thing we’re setting up for. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be more along the lines of a family gathering (though, we have a group of friends eating with us.) but I still feel odd today. So, we’ve gotten food packed up and we’re heading over to my sisters’ house to get stuff set-up for dinner and I’m thinking about how this is going to work, I’ve never helped set-up dinner for Thanksgiving so this is gonna be weird, all of it, this is unfamiliar territory for me. I’m also trying to figure out how many times a minute my mom is going to yell at me for not helping or for doing something wrong.

Well, we’ve started eating, and it’s not feeling weird anymore. It feels like Thanksgiving, which itself is weird because I was expecting to feel different.

So now we’re coming home and everything is weird. We just had Thanksgiving, but it was so different that it doesn’t quite feel like it, but then after food we’re all just sitting and talking or playing games and it feels less like Thanksgiving again but I don’t really know how to describe how it felt, but then after that, I know that we just had Thanksgiving because the Christmas lights that weren’t turned on last night have been turned on, but then we’re going to be going to Kansas to visit family so technically I can’t blast Christmas music yet. So yeah, definitely mood swings, and I’m not even done with Thanksgiving yet. I think I’m ready for Christmas, but this November has been weird.

Friday morning now, kind of failed at getting up. I actually slept through my alarm so we’re going to be about 30 minutes late, parents are kind of annoyed at me but we usually don’t leave on time anyway, and my siblings weren’t the fastest leavers either. So once again, this is confusing. Because now it’s not Thanksgiving anymore, but I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving with other parts of my family but then we go visit family during the summer just because we can. So my brain is thinking it’s Thanksgiving but my eyes are saying it’s not.

So we’ve gotten to my grandma’s house, and once again it feels like Thanksgiving, I’m not sure why this keeps happening but it does. But then the part that doesn’t seem weird but at the same time does, is that this entire time I have been happy, but not in the sense of being thankful, but just in the sense of I’m seeing friends and family and we’re playing games. So now as I’m writing this I’m feeling kinda guilty because we have this holiday made just for being thankful and I haven’t been doing that. But now I feel like I should take advantage of being with friends and family and stop writing and go talk and play games.

So we’re about to leave, and I gave up on trying to figure out my mentality in this situation. So I’m just gonna put this up and get ready to post it Saturday.